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In Rosh Pina, Upper Galilee, Israel

..Beautiful rooms and a pastoral atmosphere.
A few types of rooms available,
The suite room contains a large jacuzzi bath.
Two other rooms share a large balcony.
Each room includes a shower, a toilette,
a refrigerator and a TV.
Suitable for couples, families and groups.
private swimming pool is just a
 few steps from the rooms.

Convenient prices!
Please call for more details.

Invitations and Details:

TEL +972-4-6801650 Edna
MOBILE: +972-544656926 Edna

Many beautiful sites nearby:
The Golan Heights, The upper Galilee,
The Sea Of Galilee (Kinneret),
Tiberias, Mt of Beatitudes, Zefat.
A wide range of activities and attractions:
Horse Riding, Jeep Tours, Rappelling
Rafting on the Jordan
river, Bicycle trips, "do it yourself" litchi and
blackberry harvesting (in the season).
and many more...

Rosh Pina is a small pastoral village in the
rural area of the Upper Galilee. Rosh Pina is
regarded by many as one of the most beautiful
sites in the state of Israel. Despite of its
tiny size Rosh Pina is a local culture and
recreation center and has many restaurants
(more then 17), various coffee house, many art
galleries and a cinema. You can tour the
Restoration Site (a national historic site)
with its lovely stone structure. You can see
an audio-visual presentation about the history
of Rosh Pina (in Hebrew or in English) in the
Restoration Site.

Galilee's Map                    Map of Rosh Pina

Galilee's satellite picture

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